How Questions can Help you Leverage Others for your Success

Leverage and networking are some of the best ways in achieving your success and getting what you want. And you should be using meta questions to get you thinking about how you can best use leverage and networking to better and faster get the results you want. Here are some meta questions for your thought:

– How can I approach these people for help in getting me the results I want in a better, faster way? What can I offer them in exchange for their skills, expertise and assistance in service of my intentions?

– Who is the single most likely person who can best help me in getting what I want faster? How can I approach this person? What can I offer this person in exchange?

– What must I do first before I can qualify to deserve these people’s help or expertise? How must I work on myself first before I can work with others or get others to work for me?

– What is the ideal profile of a person I would network with or employ to help me get the results I want in a faster and better way? What are the desired characteristics of the ideal kind of people I would work with?

– What are the tools, assets and resources that I already have right now but I haven’t really thought of using, that can help me get what I want faster if I put them to optimal use?

– What new tools, assets and resources can I acquire that will help me get what I want faster if I optimally put them to good use

– What assumptions, beliefs, mindsets or attitudes do I hold now that has an observable correlation with the results I’ve been getting? How can I tweak or rethink these assumptions, beliefs, mindsets or attitudes of mine in order to get better results faster?

– How do I translate these changes and shifts in my assumptions, paradigms and beliefs into actions I can take to effectively influence the results I get?

Are there any other questions you can think of to help you leverage others for your success?