Importance of Goal Setting and Creative Visualisation Systems

There are two groups of people who are using goal setting slash creative visualization systems to achieve their ends. One group knows what they want, immediately, and knows what to do to get what they want, and how to do it, and then they do it, as soon as they get the green light to go.

The other group, trusting in their intuition, or Spirit, or the Superior Wisdom and Intelligence of a Higher Power, takes a little more time to finally, really know what they want, and doesn’t really know what to do or how to do those things to get what they want, or have some rough and vague ideas about it. Then, they only start doing what is supposed to be done, once they get the “signal”, either intuitively or from someone else, or when they start seeing an uncanny number of coincidences or “serendipities” and “synchronicities” occurring in their lives.

Depending on which of people you are, you will probably start to be able to do some impossible stuff like losing 20 pounds in 24 hours, materialising dollar notes from your palm and learning how to speak exotic, obscure languages like Occitan in just 5 days. Just kidding. Okay, that was lame.

But you will notice a pattern if you are observant enough and you really carry out the goal setting slash creative visualization systems. The first ten to twenty days of your designated number of days program are designed to train you in the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects (the intangible aspects) of your innate target attainment system. The next ten to twenty days that follow, your physical, mental and action-based aspects (the relatively more tangible aspects) of your organic goal-achievement system.

You need to balance between “surrendering to the universal intelligence” or God, and the need to just do something to go towards the realisation of your goals. Goal setting slash creative visualization systems, if done correctly, will go a long way in helping achieve just that for you.