Misconceptions Singaporeans Have About Home Tuition

Singapore is one of the few countries which has an abundance of home tuitions strongly ingrained within the society. Although home tuition in Singapore has been rapidly adopted in recent years, it experienced a massive boost in popularity when schools were closed during the last few months. This occurrence has helped many parents to realize that a private tuition agency in Singapore is an immense resource for their children’s education. From creating a personalized learning experience to a source for providing extra revision time, home tuitions have the capability to help children adapt to curriculum in many ways. However, a few parents in Singapore have some misconceptions about home tuitions. In this article, we are going to address this fallacy and explain why a home tuition will help your child immensely.

Misconception #1: Home Tutors Are Less Familiar With School Syllabus As Compared To School Teachers

The MOE in Singapore constantly updates their subject syllabus to support the learning capabilities of students. This is regulated by the Singapore Examinations And Assessment Board (SEAB) by modifying the syllabus for each grade level, which is informed to all MOE registered educators. This is the reason why most parents believe that home tutors are not up to date with these changes.

However, the reality is a lot different. Leading home tuition agencies in Singapore evaluate their tutors and choose tutors who are ex-MOE educators who have a lot of experience teaching a variety of students during their years of teaching. This makes home tutors not only aware of the MOE regulations in academics from time to time but also know how to teach any particular student in the best way to make sure that the child understands the concepts and practical application of those concepts effectively.

Misconception #2: Home Tuition Costs A Fortune

Research shows that the average amount required for a child’s primary, secondary and tertiary education amounts to over S$96,000, which is considerably higher than the global statistics. Due to these figures, many parents in Singapore assume that tuitions cost a significant chunk of this figure.

The truth, however, is a lot different. Home tuitions feature personalized tutors who are hand picked to cater to the needs of the specific child. So, the cost varies vastly depending on the purpose of the tuition. For example, if you need tuitions for one specific subject the cost is different compared to having tuitions for all subjects. Moreover, the tuition costs also change depending upon the grade the child is currently studying and also the qualification of the tutor. Adjustable and varying prices are chosen so that it is economical for parents to choose the right tutor based on their financial capabilities.

Misconception #3: Tuition Classes Serve As An Added Pressure To Children

The Singapore education system is well known for its numerous after curriculum activities and hefty schedule, and many times, children face more stress than ever before. So, many parents might think that having a home tutor to a child who has a hectic schedule is a burden. But, when the tutor is passionate about a subject and tries to explain the concepts to an equally passionate student, the child actually likes that kind of teaching, and it also makes the student learn more efficiently.

Misconception #4: Tuition Is Only Necessary During The Exam Period Or Prior To A College Admission

Thinking that home tuitions are a necessity only before or during an examination is a very common misconception most parents have. However, that is incorrect. It is always a good practise to train a student from the beginning and attention is required from the starting point of their learning journey. To make your child achieve greater grades, education must be started early with a strong foundation. Only then can your child get the most benefit from home tuitions.

Misconception #5: Home Tuition Lessons Are Meant For Academically-Challenged Children

This is one of the biggest misconceptions parents have towards home tuitions in Singapore. Not only is this untrue but it also demotivates the child who is attending tuitions. Home tutions are not focused on children who have difficulty in learning. Home tuitions provide a convenient means for students to learn is a comfortable atmosphere. They are designed to provide the best academic assistance required for children in a way that the child learns the most. Sometimes children hesitate to ask questions if they have any doubts in class due to fear of being judged or the teacher might be attending other students. Home tuitions feature personalized teaching experience for the student so that the student is much more relaxed while asking questions allowing them to learn better.

Having misconceptions is common for anyone, and at the end of the day, it is always your choice to consider or not consider home tuitions. However, it is important to note that home tuitions in Singapore have helped a lot of students and based upon our testimonials, we can assure you that most of the parents who choose home tuitions mention that they are more likely to continue home tuitions with us for the rest of the academic life of their children. So, it is safe to assume that having a home tuition is a huge benefit for your child.