Must-Have Baking Accessories for Every Home Baker

At first glance, baking might seem like a challenging and complicated affair. But if you come to think of it, anyone can actually bake and even excel at it, especially if they have the right baking accessories. Below are some of the must-have baking tools to help you face and overcome any baking challenge that might come your way.

Bakeware Set
This set is what you will use to bake everything you have always wanted to make. A quality bakeware set includes a range of pans with non-stick surfaces to let you easily make and prepare cookies, pies, cupcakes, loaves, cakes, and so much more.

Digital Timer
You can use the digital timer to know when your goodies are all done to avoid burning them when you are multitasking. As double ovens become more popular, it might be great to get a timer built in with multiple digital clocks.

Dough Blender
The dough blender is used for cutting butter into dry ingredients to allow thorough and even mixing of dough. It is important for baking things such as pies where large clumps of butter or flour can result in a soggy or uneven crust.

Food Scale
A food scale is used for measuring your ingredients to the correct amount each and every time. Serious home bakers and professionals alike need to weigh dry ingredients such as sugar and flour for pastries as well as cuts of dough for uniform crusts for pies and pizzas.

Multi-Purpose Chopper and Scraper
These baking accessories come in handy for dividing dough into portions. These might also feature measurement markings to ensure that you are sectioning things evenly and scraping them up from the counter. These also work great to lift cookies from the pan and cut up brownies.

Rolling Pin
The purpose of a rolling pin is to roll out dough for pizzas, tarts, crackers, and pies to an even and thin consistency. If you are using a rolling pin with a non-stick surface, there is no need for you to flour it all the time. It is also an added bonus if there is a raised handle that can save your hands and fingers from wear and tear.

Silicone Baking Mat
The silicone baking mat is a good replacement for wax paper, parchment, foil, or greased cookie sheet. These mats go straight into the oven to ensure that your sheet pans are going to be mostly clean whenever you use them. You can now say goodbye to hard to clean jam spills or baked-on chocolate.

Silicone Spatula
A silicone spatula can do what regular spatulas cannot as this can fold ingredients together, spoon out batter, and scrape the bowls’ sides. A silicone spatula is also a fun baking tool for children as it allows them to easily eat the last bits of edible batter left in the bowl.

The whisk is used for mixing ingredients for dressings and sauces, beating eggs, and whipping cream until it is completely fluffy. Say goodbye to mixing fork because it is easy to use a whisk that even lets you workout your arm muscles a bit.

Get these baking accessories and have fun baking!