Suggested Designs for Funny Coffee Mugs

Mugs are essential part of the kitchen. Sometimes, it is also an essential part of your office table. If you are a coffee or tea lover, you must have a mug on your table. So it is also an ideal gift for everyone. It might sound generic but a mug with funny quote in it can be a way to go. Give a mug with a funny quote or design that will suit with the one who will receive it. Below are suggested designs for funny coffee mugs to make them more personalized and funnier. Have them printed and give it to your friends.

A sarcastic quote
A sarcastic quote from their favorite TV show character or movie can be put in there. Christina Yang for example has a lot of sarcastic lines in Grey’s Anatomy. It is funnier if you put their own sarcastic line in there. It will make them think that you know them deeply.

An uplifting quote but with a curse in it.
This might be appreciated by a person who loves to curse so be sure to give it to someone who does. For example, you can put, “You’re awesome. Keep that shit up” is something you can put in the mug. It is funny because you really don’t know if you will feel uplifted or offended.

A mug with a hidden message below
There are some mugs in the market that has a message below and can be viewed once you finished the whole coffee or tea. There are many witty lines out there that can be printed there. Or if you and your friend have dark humor, you can put “You have been poisoned” so that every time they finished their coffee, they would see that they have been poisoned.

A comic strip print
Are you a fan comedic comic strip? You can find material and have it printed on the mug. For personal use, it can be a good design. You could always see your favorite comic character and aside from that, you can always laugh on the joke printed.

An inside joke
If you are giving it as a gift, think of a word, or a thing that would make you and your friend laugh. For example, you have an inside joke about an eggplant. Why not have an eggplant emoji printed in their mug. Now every time your friend will see the mug, he/she will remember the joke and will probably laugh at it. What’s more interesting is that only you and your friend can understand this and it is a good story to tell.

A mug with e card drawing
You know those e-cards that has been all over the internet? The one with sarcastic lines in them? Why not have them printed on your mug. Most of this e-cards are classic in design but has a lot of funny lines in them.

Mugs are very generic gift to love one. But, if you can make it personalized, it somehow makes it better. If it is personalized and funny, you certainly have a winner.