Where to Find Halal Food When Travelling

As travelling becomes more prevalent in different parts of the world, Muslims visitors and tourists to new destinations must be more careful than ever to make sure that they only consume Halal food during their trips. Below are a few tips to ensure that you can do exactly just that.

Look for Halal-Certified Restaurants
When you go travelling, eat only in kitchens, halal restaurants near me or dining places with certification from the country’s Halal body. Even though there are cases where issues are found in certified outlets, they still remain to be your best and safest option. Many of these outlets have this certification logo displayed somewhere in their promises.

Your Next Choice are Muslim-Owned Restaurants
If there is no Halal-certified kitchen or restaurant in the area, your next best option is to look for dining spots that are run by Muslims themselves. This is only your second choice since even Muslim cooks might not always be aware of the ingredients they use, especially with the widespread use of the so-called processed ingredients.

Go for Vegetarian or Seafood Restaurants
When the two above are nowhere to be found, you can stick to restaurants that offer strictly seafood or strictly vegetarian dishes. But, once again, remember that there are instances when they might use non-Halal ingredients or alcohol when preparing their food, particularly in the case of seafood. Don’t be afraid to check with the restaurant first to confirm that they don’t really use animal-based oil or ingredients and alcohol during food preparation.

Not All Bakeries are Halal
Never, ever assume that bread as well as other bakery foods are Halal unless they are certified. Again, there are many ways for non-Halal ingredients to get into those breads and pastries.

Find the Halal Logo
Every time you buy any snacks or processed food in your travel destination, you have to make sure that you check for the authentic Halal logo. If the packaging doesn’t contain the logo, don’t buy them since almost all processed foods are at risk of contamination. The one and only way to guarantee that food products don’t contain non-Halal ingredients of any kind is through independent monitoring and certification.

Stay Away from Restaurants That Serve Non-Halal Food
Better avoid restaurants that claim to use Halal meat but serve non-Halal meat or food as well. Most of the time, these restaurants prepare both Halal and non-Halal meat or food in just one kitchen so contamination is still bound to take place.

Bring Your Own Snacks with You
If you know that it is unlikely for you to find any of the above during your trip, don’t forget to always have your own ready to eat food packs and snacks with you.

Choose Vegetables and Fruits
Finally, you can simply feast on fresh vegetables and fruits available at the local market in your travel destination and enjoy all those local flavors.

Just because you are travelling doesn’t mean that you cannot eat Halal food. Use these tips and have the best trips of your life!